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If you need to contact me to know more about the professional illustration work that I do, then please use this message form. You can send me your inquiry as long as you fill in all of the necessary details. Please do not forget to include your email address in the message contact form, so that I can reply back to you. I will entertain all sorts of messages regarding my professional illustration work.

    For interested parties, such as those who wish to commission me for illustration work then please use this same message form. I will contact you back as soon as I can. But please be aware that I may already be working on an art commission. So it may be awhile until I will be able to work on your illustration work.

    Any sort of questions about the prices that are charged for illustration and artwork can be sent through this site’s contact form. I will do my best to clarify any sort of questions that you may have in regards to my artwork. And if you would like to see my past works and samples of my illustration and art, you can check out the portfolio on my website.

    Questions and inquiries about illustration work by Benjamin Carre can all be directed through this site. This includes questions about Benjamin Carreā€™s existing body of work, and even business inquiries about professional illustration as well. Please do not hesitate to use this message form to get in contact with the artist.